Dating of endometrium ppt

Endometrial dating and determination of the window of implantation. Oral contraceptives exert a predominant progestational effect on the endometrium, inducing an arrest of glandular proliferation, pseudosecretion, and stromal edema followed by decidualized stroma with granulocytes and thin sinusoidal blood vessels. Sounds. Two endometrial biopsies per volunteer, 7 days apart, during luteal phase. Main Outcome Measures Endometrial dating, pinopodes formation.

Free usa dating site 2014, asey greene ryan phillippe dating Considerable disagreement among gynecological pathologists: Inadequate if no endometrial tissue is present “Unassessable” if suboptimal endometrial tissue is present 8 Six morphological patterns Proliferations composed of glands & supportive non neoplastic stroma Biphasic proliferations composed of glands & abundant (possible neoplastic) stroma Predominantly monophasic spindle cell proliferation Sheet like proliferations composed of large, round undifferentiated cells Sample that feature extensive necrosis, inflammation, or disintegration Scanty samples that raise the question of sampling adequacy 14 Endometrial metaplasias Epithelial Mullerian: -Squamous -Tubal -Mucinous -Secretory Non Mullerian -Eosinophilic -Papillary syncytial -Micropapillary hobnail -Clear cell Non epithelial Osteoid Endometrial extamedullary hemopoiesis 32 Endometrial polyp Pathological diagnosis is strahtforward if the gynecologist is aware of this & has conveyed this information to the pathologist & has removed polyp intact Possibility of polyp should always be considered in abnormal uterine bleeding Mixture of polypoidal & non polypoidal endometrium helpful in difficult cases Carcinoma, EIN or EIC can arise in or involve endometrial polyp 37 Endometrial hyperplasia (WHO 1994 & 2003) Non-atypical hyperplasias Simple hyperplasia Complex hyperplasia without atypia (adenomatous without atypia) Atypical hyperplasias Simple atypical hyperplasia Complex atypical hyperplasia (adenomatous with atypia) : Problems and alternative approaches Problems with this classification Definition of atypia Reproducibility of atypia Reproducibility of carcinoma Alternative approaches and concepts Simplified Classification for Biopsies Molecular and morphometric studies and EIN concept(Mutter, Baak et al. Dating endometrium ppt online dating algorithm best dating site for london dating scale examples of first email on dating site no fee dating sites uk.

Pathology Outlines - Dating of endometrium The use of both estrogen and progesterone elicits a wide range of histologic patterns, seen in various combinations: proliferative and secretory changes, often mixed in the same tissue sample; glandular hyperplasia (in polyps or diffuse) ranging from simple to complex atypical; stromal hyperplasia and/or decidual transformation; epithelial metaplasia (eosinophilic, ciliated, mucinous); and inactive and atrophic endometrium. Jan 16, 2017. To date endometrium, should see surface endometrium, but date based on most advanced area; Must biopsy uterine corpus above the level of.

Modern Pathology - Hormonal Pathology of the Endometrium - Nature Indications Abnormal uterine bleeding: postmenopausal bleeding, malnancy/hyperplasia Monitoring adjuvant hormonal treatment (tamoxifen) Endometrial dating Presence of endometrial cell in PAP smear in women 40 years of age Abnormal Pap smear with atypical cells favoring endometrial orin (AGUS) Follow-up of previously diagnosed endometrial hyperplasia Cancer screening (e.g. Dating the endometrium is identifying morphologic changes characteristic for early, middle, and late proliferative endometrium and for each of the 14 days of.

Dating of endometrium ppt:

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